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The leading supplier of
Automobile Cooling systems

About us

Coolline is one of the famous leading companies for Automotive Spare Parts in the Middle East.With high name recognition in After Market, Coolline is one of the international suppliers of automotive spare parts and cooling system products. Cool Line carved a niche for itself as a leader in Taiwan based Radiator and cooling parts manufacturer with widest product range for all kinds of automotive cars, passenger vehicles, trucks and industrial.

Mr. Subair Uttumadathil, a veteran in the business with over 18 years of experience in various fields like Automotive Industry, Food Industry, Education etc. is the founder of the company. Only through his continuous efforts, dedication and motivation, Coolline has gained success and reputation over these years. Coolline Strongly believes in its founder’s business philosophy - Innovation, Agility, Quality, Pragmatism and Confidence. We strongly believe in customer satisfaction and that’s why we make every effort to develop our automotive products according to market needs and providing quality products at affordable price. We have wide range of automotive spare parts and air conditioning system parts which include products for almost all automotive and heavy duty applications.

Our reputation and years of experience in this industry have allowed us to develop a major partnership with several well- known international manufacture companies in USA, UK, Taiwan, Cambodia, China and India. We have our delighted clients across all GCC countries, Iran, Iraq, African Countries, Azerbaijan, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan etc. We are delivering the following products with excellent quality:
All Aluminum Radiators, All Copper Radiators, Heavy Duty Radiators, Plastic Tanks for Aluminum Core Radiators, Condensers, Evaporators, Expansion Valves, Compressors, AC Refrigerants and Coolants

Gain your satisfaction, experience with our products and service !

Coolline is one of the famous leading companies for radiators & cooling parts in the Middle East, which is a Taiwan based Radiator & Cooling Parts Manufacturer with widest product- range for all kinds of Cars, Trucks & industrial.

We make every effort to develop our automotive products according to market needs & provide good quality, enabling us to reach our customer's satisfaction. We also develop the products according to customer's special requests within a period of 40 days.

Our goal is to become the best choice when choosing automobile radiators, condensers & plastic tanks.


Our mission over the years has been to be an ultimate solution for all customers in search of quality automotive spare parts and henceforth become the leading company that deals in radiators & cooling parts. We have always respected and valued our customers and would continue to do so for it is our duty, responsibility and our mission.

Quality Policy

Assured quality for each and every component from our company, so as to gain customer satisfaction, which is our primary motto.


To be a No.1 world class company in automotive spare parts with excellent customer service. We want to become the largest manufacturer not by dominating our competitors in terms of sale but by winning the hearts of the masses by our excellent products and services.

We desired to build on what we have rather than what we don’t have; Our strength is the bond exist within the company and between the company and our customers. We tend to do our best in delivering quality products and timely services. Our biggest satisfaction is to see the smile on the face of our valued customers.

Mr.Subair U

Managing Director

Director’s Message

It is with immense pleasure I take this opportunity to thank all my valued customers, suppliers and the employees of Coolline who I consider part of my family. Together we have striven to obtain the reputation and position as the most leading company for Automotive Spare Parts in the Middle East.

CoolLine’ objective is to achieve the pinnacle of our profession through continuous innovations and a new way of thinking by following the rapid technical progress during the present era.

We strive to be best, strong and focused to commit people, resources and facilities to ensure excellent quality products and thereby customer satisfaction. With the error-free, waste-free and accident-free operation as the ultimate goal, we have developed a stringent total quality management program; a philosophy and set of guiding principles which represent the foundation of a continuously improving organization.

We at Coolline continue our journey to maintain the high quality of service and customer satisfaction through our professional services. We trust you will continue to place your confidence in Coolline.